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8/9/08 01:03 pm

to the drivers who operate the 9X muni line- i've ridden roller coasters that were more pleasant. $1.50 now buys you a ride, a transfer, and nausea....

10/6/07 06:11 pm - and the freakout-worthy moment of the day comes in the form of...

spontaneous relationship advice from my mom. oh god. ew.

8/18/07 09:25 pm - all in one day

Things my mom actually says to me:

-“Lisanne, how are you ever going to meet anyone if you’re home? You need to join JDate. Do it today.”

-“Don’t eat. Well, you can have breakfast. Okay, see you tonight.”

-“Feed the baby.” (She’s referring to the dog. My grandmother says the same thing to my mom, referring to me. Clearly I should just have puppies, not kids.)

11/7/06 08:13 pm

UCD lizzy (8:05:20 PM): britney filed for divorce
KerBearZ11 (8:05:35 PM): ?
KerBearZ11 (8:05:41 PM): from kevin?
KerBearZ11 (8:05:42 PM): hahahahaha
UCD lizzy (8:05:28 PM): yeah
UCD lizzy (8:05:33 PM): she can SOOOOO do better
KerBearZ11 (8:05:48 PM): i totally heard him on the radio last week
KerBearZ11 (8:05:52 PM): hahahahaha
KerBearZ11 (8:05:54 PM): SOOOOOOOOO
UCD lizzy (8:06:45 PM): well, no more designer wifebeaters for him

10/30/06 05:50 pm


9/20/06 04:09 pm - home, where my thoughts escaping, home...

i'm baaaack :D

summer school = over

grades = good

getting out of california for a few days = wonderful. my mommy and i went to NJ, saw family, relaxed, took a bus into the city, walked around the west village forever, had yummy magnolia bakery cupcakes (loooook), went to the marc by marc store on bleecker street and saw jason preston there (aka marc jacobs' ex bf.. hot, full of himself, etc, whatever), then took the train up to central park which i hadn't seen since i was around 10 or so... went to bloomingdales for lunch and had their amazing frozen yogurt, looked around a little, went to H&M which was kinda disappointing.. then walked alllllll the way back to port authority and caught the bus back to west orange. exhausting, but well worth it.

soo now i am back. only one more week of summer!!

one more thing- i finally saw ice age, and scrat's neuroses have found a place in my heart, and my journal layout. so go look at it!

8/13/06 04:55 pm

soooo my computer decided that its screen is something that no longer needs to work, which basically renders my whole laptop useless for the time being. would anyone be interested in stealing my laptop so that i don't have to deal with DELL and i can just get a new one for freeee?

just kidding (sort of)

anyway, call me or something because # i need people to whine to and #2 if we hang out i can use your computer. heeeeee.

8/12/06 02:30 pm

mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine

finding nemo makes me smiiiiiiiiiiiile


8/11/06 12:19 am

funny (or maybe not so much) that i still have to convince myself that i actually did go to israel and it wasn't merely a dream... i'd do anything to be there right now, regardless of the situation... i guess a piece of my heart will always be there and it won't feel whole until i go back.. :D

7/25/06 07:41 pm

i feel that it is necessary to balance the depth of my previous entry with some fluff.

can someone please explain to me how a designer with the ability to create the most beautiful shoes EVER can think that this is okay??

then again, anyone who can make patent leather look classy wins in my book.. or should i say, closet.. even though i don't have the shoes... or a closet, for that matter.
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